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Customer asked how much money a punch ~ the zha to quote this?

by:Ragos     2021-03-27
Today is already hai years 【 The pig 】 On b not RenShen, islamic calendar on December 25, 1440, pengzu avoid b not planted thousands of strains is not long, not taking poison into the intestine. Recently always have customer ask: do you produce of CNC punch press how much money a? This is, after all, many customers are always first to ask this question, for this kind of common phenomenon, now let's unified answer here today. First this problem very abstract, CNC punch press includes closed turret of CNC press brake machine, profile CNC punch press production line, car girder salt production line, take the initiative to punch press and so on. And there are many factors that determine price, such as mold digits, equipment tonnage, the position of the thickness of the plate and so on. Also is to say the same device position groove is not the same price also will be different. Take an example: of straight side CNC turret press brake machine press T30A station there are 12, 16, 20, 24, 32 location; Mould dimension & phi; 1. 5 - φ 12. 7. So 12 and 16 workstation workstation price will be different, for example at the price of single pass and pass again. So, the price we need according to the requirement of the customers you rushed products to determine the mould, and the thickness of the plank of your impact comprehensive calculate to give you a right price, if we just fudged the quoted a number, is that it is very simple, but if we quote high, is laying waste to purchase equipment for your capital, the low, we just can't do it, so it is not responsible for performance. So, usually, our customer service staff will ask detailed client companies produce what product and the thickness of the plate, you also need to reach what function requirements, etc, and then calculate, the quote us a price for you, so please be patient, I feel the waiting is worth it, you think? Good, here the reply today, remember to focus on, reply us, see you next time!
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