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Counterfeiting threat reporter press finishing method completely clean

by:Ragos     2021-04-19
The morning of February 25th, has the media to 'maotai wine: hole 's SanJiu & other; 3 without & throughout; Web celebrity ', reported recently in the electrical business, short video platforms & other; Web celebrity & throughout; Wine fraud inside hole. Reports published after 12 PM at noon, the reporter received a guizhou renhuai liquor sellers call, the other says, & other; I want the whole dead you, Journalist) 。 ” Press finishing completely clean method: notice the two sockets and surrounding, which is due to grinding after the iron filings, and form with the oil polluted areas. Is clean, a daily use dry cloth and vacuum cleaner to clean the iron filings ( Air gun must stop using, because it will scrap iron to spread out to the entire region) 。 Through the press brake machine factory's help, the electric circuits of the paint from the ground up, as a result, even if the current flow between the two sockets, tilting press brake machine will not rush down twice. In order to deal with this problem, the press brake machine press manufacturer from the perspective of two different & other gradually; Improve & throughout; 。 Tips on one to deal with, including such as performance & other; Clean & throughout; And the establishment of the new specification. The latest news, renhuai municipal party committee propaganda department, said Qin Mou has taken away by the local police to investigate.
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