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Combined punching and shearing machine safety technical specification and maintenance standards

by:Ragos     2021-01-20
Combined punching and shearing machine safety technical specifications: 1, before you start the examination combined punching and shearing machine transmission system components and the position of connecting screws, axle pin is loose, household electrical appliances grounding device is in good condition; 2, work top position for the fitness RunHua, then start the trial shipment more than ten minutes, no abnormal can start work; 3, do not overload, ban punching shear heat treatment of stainless steel plate; 4, when work should be put on rubber gloves and wear labor protection articles, forbidden to wear sandals and sandals; Often when you 5, punching and shearing to rush to the oil, resolutely put an end to the up and down or so rushed oblique; 6, feeding should pay attention to when fingers security, when the presser foot could not steel plate, should stop punching and shearing; 7, startup is prohibited to disassemble, review and stamping die of shear blade, not hard knock stamping die, the shear blade and other parts; 8, ban punching and shearing category of steel more than specifications; 9, work site shall deposit no other objects and a lot of material, adjustment and cleaning must be turned off; 12, work in the end, immediately shut down, turn the power off and remove on the spot. Combined punching and shearing machine maintenance standard: 1, strict enforcement of safety operation procedures to carry out the actual operation. 2, each time before the start of timing to perform as stipulated in the RunHua data chart, specifying, quantitative analysis and grease, oil should be clear no precipitation. 3, hydraulic shearing machine must be clean, often not part of the paint antirust oil processing plants. 4, motor bearing inner RunHua overflow oil to changing a filling every quarter, and often check part of household electric appliances are all normal work can be trusted. 5, specify the inspection of hydraulic plate shears v-belts, rocker, knobs, function keys is destroyed, damaged serious shall promptly moved around, and accessories. 6, regular maintenance the power switch, commercial insurance, rocker arm, make sure it's work. 12 minutes before 7, said a day off work, the numerical control lathe to clean oil RunHua and clean up the CNC lathe.
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