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CNC wire bending machine what are the unique advantages?

by:Ragos     2021-04-11
CNC wire bending machine has automatic wire feeding, straighter, bending a shape function, suitable for spring, pull basket and so on all kinds of wire products processing. Well, here's CNC wire bending machine what are the unique advantages? 1, CNC wire bending machine and has function of straightening, bending forming, multi-usage, refers to a machine can produce several metal wire bending products, only need to change tool to complete the operation; 2, using intelligent control, a variety of specifications can be processed a variety of sizes of square, square, round, star shape, oval and so on; 3, production speed, high efficiency, the equivalent of 30 to 40 manual operation; 4, CNC wire bending machining high precision products, to meet customer requirements; 5, CNC wire bending machine applicable scope is wide, suitable for auto parts, hutch defends hardware, daily hardware, wire technology, super shelves and so on metal forming industry field. Dongguan CNC focus on wire molding equipment research and manufacturing, to provide clients with high quality wire metal sheet forming machine, wire bending machine, CNC wire bending machine and so on, welcome to consult.
hydraulic bending machine Solution processes have been widely used to produce sheet metal equipment such as hydraulic shearing machine, metal shearing machine, and cnc hydraulic press brake etc.
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