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CNC punching machine maintenance is necessary

by:Ragos     2021-02-26
As a kind of automation equipment, its maintenance and maintenance is necessary, not only can prolong its service life, on the other hand, it also can ensure the quality of processing, such as the following maintenance knowledge is CNC press brake machine is introduced as follows: the first is about lubrication, the lubrication is very important for automation equipment, such as: to ensure that CNC punch press is not damaged to some extent, therefore, the air filter shall be adjusted to a certain, main is to examine the function of the oiler, impurities of water monitoring, etc. In addition, parts of relevant adjustment is also very necessary, must adjust related. Another is related to the sliding block guide rail and road between inspection, be sure to regularly check, to make timely adjustment, at the same time, also should pay attention to the problem of between screw and nut, in general, a quality qualified nc punching machine to be able to guarantee a period of time don't need to maintain, maintenance, etc. , but in the use process need to check is a must, in general, the main body in the production of CNC punch press is in use from 3000 to 4000 hours to make the necessary maintenance. Is mainly refers to the maintenance photoelectric safety device performance inspection, as well as the adjustment, therefore, attention should be paid to this aspect of the problem, of course, the most important is whether the operator is able to have more skilled operation knowledge and experience, if you don't understand, best can be in accordance with the requirements for its operation, it can reduce the use of press brake machine wear and tear, thus to some extent, prolong its service life. In addition, the requirement is that during 6000 to 8000 hours should also pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance, use for such a long time, it is best to all aspects of the inspection time, for the various aspects to know enough, must not again not normal circumstances, to work.
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