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CNC punching machine electromagnetic switch how to maintenance and inspection

by:Ragos     2021-02-26
Mixer punch electromagnetic switch can be external motor start, stop, when the switch role. Pieces by coil electromagnetic switch, contact, overheating protection device of three main parts, to provide electric power, the action element and over current protection function. a) Coil ( Output) Contact ON/OFF switch. b) Contact: by closing coil signal ON contact, let the current flow motion components. ( - - As known as A contact) c) Overheating protection device, motor according to the provisions of the rated current capacity, such as greater than the rated current exceeds a certain time will release energy, contact into OFF to cut OFF the flow to the action of the element current. ( Over current protection) Overheating protection switch trip: when heat device detection that super current, automatically tripping. Trip reasons: to visual objects between the presence of interference, the leakage, short circuit, etc. Note: overheating protection switch setting dial in the factory, already done by the norm of action elements set, never to touch the dial. If there's anything cannot find out the reason, please contact the nc bending vendors would. Read on: press the closed-loop servo system closed-loop servo system - as shown in figure 8 2, it by comparing link, amplification conversion link, servo motor and mechanical transmission, feedback, etc. The end of the characteristics of it from the system testing feedback, thereby eliminating the punch all error of feed drive system, so its high precision. Because press transmission link is much, however, their friction, stiffness, transmission clearance is change, and directly influences the adjustment of the servo system parameters, some of the parameters and nonlinear. So the design of the closed loop servo system and adjust the difficulty of the larger, more expensive, only commonly used on large, precision CNC press brake machine press. This all feedback error of servo system in CNC punch press, referred to as the whole closed loop system.
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