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CNC punch to world power jack

by:Ragos     2021-02-24
It is known that for a long time, the international on the punch is divided into three portal: America is good at hydraulic presses, Germany CNC punch press good applicability, Japan is exquisite craftsmanship. Now, my domestic press accounts for 65% of global market share, more than 90% of the domestic market. “ This is due to our country to build the press brake machine not only with the interests of the three portal, and the price is much lower. Our core competence is as far as possible the localization, make the punch from & other Throughout our production &; To & other; Throughout China's invention &; . Because of excellent quality, there is a growing international project can see the figure of the press. The eu prestige, domestic press association of technology inspection issued safety certification marks. “ Especially & lsquo; One Belt And One Road & rsquo; Initiative, make punch increase overseas demand, directly promoted the made in China & lsquo; Go out & rsquo; 。 Exported to Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, etc & lsquo; One Belt And One Road & rsquo; Along the country. ” In the future, we will continue to study, to achieve press brake machine area planning in China, the world production policy.
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