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CNC punch to operating personnel to abide by the six rules

by:Ragos     2021-03-07
The following six operators are using CNC press brake machine is to abide by, be sure to keep in mind these points can avoid unnecessary accidents. 1, please set up a safety warning sign near the CNC punch press. 2, please set up a spacer around CNC punch press, in a work area. In the process of equipment work, have the moving parts out platform, if someone accidentally pass by, may be damaged. As in the equipment set up around the spacer, the working area, the operator in the security area, can reduce production accidents. 3, CNC punch press must be specialist ( Through strict training and qualification for operating) Responsible for the management and operation. 4, the device can only be processed sheet, please do not plate processing the equipment capacity, to prevent the damage of CNC punch press. 5, CNC press brake machine press start running before, please check the equipment and the punch and die parts, such as distribution to ensure parts meet the normal operation condition of the equipment. 6, without the consent of the CNC press brake machine manufacturer, please do not any modification of this equipment, so as not to cause damage to equipment and safety hidden trouble. Although CNC punch press is not so complicated to operate, but at the time of use or there are many places need to be aware of, after all, improper operation will affect the safety of the staff, the above is small make up today to think of a CNC punch press safety operation manual for you.
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