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CNC punch press feeder fault inspection methods

by:Ragos     2021-02-23
When CNC press brake machine press alarm, maintenance personnel are not in a hurry to deal with, and should carry on the observation and test, and find the correct fault location, commonly used diagnostic method is following the press manufacturer: 1, intuitive method sensory organs, nc feeder fault phenomena, such as fault no spark, lamp, abnormal noise, the abnormal heat and burning in the anxiety. Look at each printed circuit board surface condition, may have a fault, there are no signs of burning and damage, so as to further narrowing the scope of inspection, this is the most basic and the most commonly used method. 2, self diagnosis function, can rely on numerical control system to rapid processing of data, the multipath, fast signal acquisition and processing, through diagnostic program logic analysis, and judgment, to judge whether there is a system fault, fault location and in a timely manner. Modern digital self-diagnosis function 3, the control system of numerical control system since the diagnosis data and state examination not only can be displayed on the monitor fault alarm information, and can be in more pages & other; Diagnostic address & throughout; And & other Diagnostic data & throughout; The form of parameters and state information, the common data interface of two kinds of parameters and state examination examination. 4, alarm indicator light display failure modern computer numerical control ( ) Sending system, in addition to self diagnosis function and status display & other; Software & throughout; Alarm and many & other; Hardware & throughout; Alarm indicator lights, and their distribution in the power supply, servo drive, and the input and output devices, according to the alarm lamp can determine the cause of the problem. Fault, in general, fully investigated to understand the cause of the problem, correcting nc machine tool maintenance, solve the problem of fault.
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