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CNC punch press early use may cause bigger running-in wear

by:Ragos     2021-03-06
From the mechanical point of view, in this period, press the host though passed the trial production, but for the processing and appearance of the parts is microscopic and microcosmic geometry deviation exist, before the full break-in, appearance also is relatively coarse; Parts in the assembly still exist in the form of a mistake, at the beginning of the numerical control punch press use may cause bigger running-in wear, making CNC punch press relatively happen too large gap between the moving parts. Other, because the internal stress of the new concrete foundation is not balance and stability, also make some accuracy deviation press brake machine. From the electrical point of view, CNC press brake machine press control system and perform components using a large number of electronic power components, the components and equipment in the factory through strict screening and the whole machine test machine and other processing, but in actual operation, because of alternating load circuit, instantaneous & quot; Surge & quot; The impact of current and back emf, make certain components can afford early impact, because of the current or voltage breakdown and failure, and the equipment malfunction. Generally speaking, during this period, electrical, hydraulic system and pneumatic system failure rate is higher, therefore, to strengthen the monitoring of press brake machine, on a regular basis to press brake machine mechanical adjustments, to ensure all kinds of operation parameters in the technical specifications. Starting from the numerical control punch after the machine installation and debugging, running for half a year to year, failure frequency is higher, generally no law can be found.
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