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CNC punch press break into auto industry market

by:Ragos     2021-03-03
Consumption in China, the automobile industry are punching machine main body, the proportion is about 40% of the total consumption of the punch. Since the 21st century, China's automobile industry, the rapid development of China has become the world's largest auto market. Along with development of national economy, China's auto market demand in the future will continue to maintain sustained growth momentum, demand remains strong. Which is the domestic numerical control punch press mass into the auto industry. In the early 60 s, CNC press brake machine press began to enter the auto production areas, until the 1990 s has been widely used. CNC punch press joining to auto industry continuously shortening development cycle of new products, the cost has been reduced. Development up to now, both has become a complementary industry, automobile industry is expecting a huge press brake machine press industry. Ownership is low, the government support one thousand car ownership in China is relatively low, a large part of the rigid demand still not satisfied, and second - and third-tier cities along with the development of economy, traffic mode change, consumption ability improved, cars growth space is very large. Countries from the consumption tax adjustment to cancel the toll this year, half payment of tax, car to the countryside and a series of policy of stimulating industry greatly promoted the auto industry, especially the sales of new energy vehicles. Chinese auto sales in the rapid increase year after year, 2012 full-year sales RGL association is expected to be 20 million, the growth rate of around 8%. In & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning guidance, China's auto industry to enter & other; Adjust the years & throughout; , enterprise key to adjust product structure, faw Toyota, dongfeng Honda, Shanghai gm and other car companies aimed at new energy, promote energy saving model. Countries through policy adjustment, improve the independent brand export qualification standards, further encourages the enterprise to establish and perfect marketing network and after-sales service system, the construction of automobile and parts export base, develop new export markets. Imports drop, seizes the market recently, China's imports of automobile trade co. , LTD. , according to published data imported cars sales growth drop from month to month. One of the most obvious Japanese cars. Between the emotions of Chinese people boycott Japanese goods, on October 27, the Japanese media quoted nissan said, decided to suspend export cars to China until next January. At the same time, faw Toyota factory production plan on October 22 ~ 29, and conducted before the temporary shutdown of Honda and nissan's joint venture in China, does not rule out the possibility of production again in the future. This no doubt for the domestic auto industry is a good opportunity to grab market share. Motors, auto products CNC punch press demand big market demand development change, increasingly fierce competition, the auto industry to the reliability of parts processing, production efficiency, accuracy and cost performance, etc. Put forward higher requirements. Used in the field of domestic automobile manufacturing, CNC press brake machine is more and more widely. But high-grade punch were mostly from Europe, the United States, imports, domestic press needs to be improved in reliability, precision, etc, of the international advanced technology digest absorb inadequacy, lack of capacity for independent innovation. To change this passive situation, domestic CNC punch press industry must first strengthen technological exchanges and the international press industry, high speed, high precision, high reliability, improve product quality and compound processing capacity, jointly with the international standards. In view of the current development direction of domestic automobile industry, pay attention to small cars, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy automobile hot projects such as product development, development suitable for automobile production process expert system software, the maximum meet the needs of the auto parts manufacturing. Aimed at the world automobile manufacturing technology and equipment development of cutting-edge technology, a sharp rise in the domestic press market share, gradually achieve import substitution, and common development of domestic automobile industry. Finally, domestic CNC punch press industry should change the traditional service mode, process equipment for car companies to provide professional solutions, the service program: a pre-sale understand the requirements to provide customers with design, sale for the customer adjust the machine precision setting, after sales service to provide remote, etc. Domestic CNC punch press as long as from the two aspects of products and services, close to the development trend of auto industry, to grasp the opportunity to provide products, will together with the industry towards another brilliant! Source: http://www. machine35. com/channel/
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