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CNC bending mechanical automatic CNC punch press master points

by:Ragos     2021-02-20
CNC bending mechanical automatic CNC punch to grasp the point 1. Structure is mainly composed of characteristic deep throat press brake machine, automatic platform feed fuselage and special mold of three parts. 2. Deep throat pneumatic clutch press, welding fuselage, stable performance. 3. Control unit adopts industrial-grade integration workstation, shockproof anti-interference, suitable for bad environment. ST - software use V8. 5, independent research and development, a free upgrade, easy to learn, the more human; No programming, AutoCAD graphic automatic conversion process, bring their own mold library management, realize the plate automatic relocation, one-click batch processing operation can be performed, breakpoint, piece display, simulation machining track, equipment run empty diagnosis, etc. 4. Work surface adopt universal ball countertops, feeding smoothly without resistance, will not scratch board. 5. Deep throat starting clutch press, welding fuselage, stable performance. 6. Feeding the fuselage super wide guide spacing, stable operation, ensure accuracy of feeding. 7. Turret special die structure, simple design, clever, a precise positioning lock up and down the mold to ensure the alignment, by rotating head fast converting mould. 8. The main transmission parts and electric equipment are all imported configuration. 9. Thin oil automatic circulation lubrication, reduce the friction of moving pair.
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