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CNC bending machine in the work can't return reason and solution

by:Ragos     2021-02-21
CNC bending machine failure reason: 1, the light can't return, may question for a parameter or hydraulic failure; 2, processing can't return, when artifacts have not reached set value; 3, processing can't return, workpiece Angle has set up a value more than bending machine fault solution: 1, debugging, Y axis bending part parameters, bending parameters should be based on the actual debugging, part of the gain is too small, the slider will fold motionless or fold does not reach the designated position, too big slider will shake, should adjust the parameters for the action slider not jitter, gain a larger one as far as possible; Or the left and right valve offset diagnosis program set is bad, too small Y can't reach the designated position, too big Y can't unloading; If it is a hydraulic failure, need to check the main pressure, check whether PV valve S5 has been in a position of electricity; 2, could Y small bending part parameters of gain, can be appropriately increased; Or pressure is not enough, this paper analyzes the reasons of pressure is not enough, is a cause or a signal, hydraulic part programming; Reasons of programming were mold choice, thickness, material, workpiece length, bending mode, etc. , mainly caused the hydraulic oil pump whether internal leakage, whether proportional pressure valve, pollution or damage to the filter is clogged, have the oil pollution, etc. ; 3, mainly is the programming and operation, check the program. Guangzhou CNC machinery co. , LTD is a advanced German technology, in China the main production CNC bending machine, CNC planer slot machine and so on the patent products. Professional research, development, production and sales of high-grade CNC sheet metal processing equipment. With perfect quality, exquisite technology, high-grade, high quality service to win the trust and support of customers, and has become the choice of Chinese users. Insisted that users buy felt relieved, with the idea of fun. Company tenet: constantly perfect, scientific and technological innovation. Company principle: quality first, service first. Enterprise culture: quality is the social responsibility is resistant to the eternal management idea, each kind of equipment research and development, design and production of all pay attention to technology innovation, scientific design, precision manufacturing, and in strict accordance with ISO9001:2008, Germany TUV certification) Quality management system control every production process, to ensure that each factory equipment performance and quality.
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