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CNC bending machine common failure analysis and solution

by:Ragos     2021-04-12
one Mechanical bending machine fault one: sliding block and guide the orientation of clearance is too large, the abnormal noise. Such failure is due to the guide rail with long time, which resulted in increased clearance is wear. Need to check the guide plate wear degree, depending on the degree of wear and tear to determine whether to replace the guide rail clamp, readjust the clearance to conform to requirements. Fault 2: after gear transmission failure. After material failure because the shaft with synchronous belt transmission wheel key from or synchronous belt slippage. Such failures need to assembly good article key and synchronous belt, and check the electric parts. Three: after the fault gear material beam linear guide and mold center line parallelism deviation is too big. Such failures need to loosen the X axis synchronous belt, to readjust to the parallelism tolerance range, the device of synchronous belt. Fault 4: loose oil cylinder connected with the slider, cause bending Angle is incorrect or the machine can't find a reference point. Such failures need to check the twist slider and cylinder coupling nut. two Hydraulic bending machine fault one: hydraulic system pressure. 1, the electromagnetic coil proportional relief valve whether electricity, proportional solenoid coil voltage is in accordance with the requirements, such as the above reasons, please check the related electrical reasons. 2, check whether the cartridge valve is stuck or the main valve core are jammed, and damping hole plug, if it is all these reasons, please remove the relief valve is clean, put on again. 3, three-phase power supply phase modulation, causing the motor reversal. Fault 2: the slider quickly turned slowly, time is too long. 1, check whether the oil level is too low, gas liquid mouth not flooded in, and fast forward when liquid on the oil cylinder cavity suction empty cause lack of liquid.
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