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Choose a suitable for your punch needs pay attention to what matters?

by:Ragos     2021-01-13
Nantong peace press brake machine manufacturer, produces press brake machine type completely, to the satisfaction of customer demand for the type, check on strictly in terms of production quality, excellent build quality for the customer. Hello, everyone, today is on September 16, 2019 (Monday, w ゚ Д& # 65439; ) W good trapped! The Mid-Autumn festival holiday how say after finished epsilon = ( ´ ο`*) ) ) Alas, peace punch small make up to share with you today about to choose a suitable for your punch needs pay attention to what matters? 1, customer according to their own information requirements, type, style, choose appropriate punch. 2, a good quality of punch press, its power of discretion is an indispensable factor, consistent use of environment, the low consumption of the machine, the more popular. 3, we all have this knowledge, the more function more machine, the shorter service life, in the same way, we also should consider when choosing press brake machine to it, on the premise of satisfied our demand, the machine should be simple, operation should be as simple as possible. 4, the daily press equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor, maintenance, spare parts cost. 。 。 Such as low operating cost as much as possible. 5, whether collocation punch tape feeder, leveling. Takes into account these factors, then determine the choice which one punch, it is not wrong!
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