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China should recognize the heavy punch industry growth situation now

by:Ragos     2021-03-10
Over the years, WaiYang heavy press to enter the Chinese market tension is given priority to with Germany and Italy. Influenced by the punch market downturn, Germany's heavy punching machine manufacturing industry gradually decline, some well-known all over the world. Companies suffered mergers or closure. But Italy heavy punch enterprises supported by government subsidies, agile growth in recent years, great alternatives to Germany. Spanish heavy punching machine manufacturing growth is really impressive, will no doubt certain threat to domestic companies. Therefore, the future market, China's heavy punch enterprises face intense international competition tension from Germany, Italy, and Spain. Import heavy punch products, the department is in products, higher numerical control type, the German and Italian products more, represents the level of all ancestors. Domestic products and WaiYang products on the layout of difference is not large, acceptance of new skills, also the biggest difference is the core running speed, accuracy and reliability of the transmission parts, and the entire press brake machine manufacturing technology level and quality, this is the biggest advantage of WaiYang product. Heavy press brake machine manufacturing to catch WaiYang ancestors skill levels, to strengthen the independent innovation, delicate manufacturing concept, to speed up the pace of independent innovation, change of domestic products behind WaiYang talent is not enough, can't always tell the others on the back of the imitation; Strengthening of refinement, improve manufacturing technology level and product quality, cover a variety of parts and coherent fittings, this is the two fundamental guaranteeing manufacture CNC punch press, so that the heavy punch press made in China to enter the international market as soon as possible, enhance the international competitiveness. The domestic press industry will need to be happy, so brilliant in the world. Happy to international sprint key time at home, we should realize the industry's current situation, meet the status quo talent more targeted, throughout the industry, heavy punch is a sign of a slowdown, cherish it. Facing the shipping industry now the severe situation of production and planning, is expected to make the three mainstream ship type for configuration of heavy metal forming and welding configuration requirements will not have a rapid growth. But for ocean engineering configuration needed for manufacturing of special and special processing punch will have demand and growth is heavy punch. Marine supporting configuration stress the key parts, such as high power diesel engine at low speed, crankshaft, and large Marine propeller stationing configuration has started the planning, investment was in place, the heavy and super-heavy metal processing punch orders at all finished, so in the future several years of heavy and super-heavy metal processing demand growth slowed, and large and medium-sized, universal CNC press brake machine press demand will link positive growth trend.
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