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China has reached the international advanced level of CNC turret punch press

by:Ragos     2021-03-11
The earliest CNC turret punch press is a mechanical transmission, people will be classified as mechanical press class. Because of its stamping die installed on the rotary disc, so called CNC turret punching die press. Then appeared a new model of the hydraulic drive, and quickly occupied the dominant position, foreign said of CNC turret punch press, and accepted by the domestic counterparts. From then on, CNC turret punch press as an independent models, no longer belongs to the mechanical press. At present, our country the structure of CNC turret press brake machine press performance has reached the international advanced level. In our country, CNC turret punch press, rapid development has experienced a slow start, mature, and gradually perfect the four stages. At different stages, CNC turret punch press structure can be divided into several generations of products: & other; Weaving & throughout; During the development of the first generation product, mechanical drive, three axis control, mold figures usually under 30, no rotation mode, less auxiliary function; “ The ninth & throughout; During the formation of the second generation product, mold digits increase greatly and with two rotation mode, four axis control, auxiliary functions, began to appear hydraulic turret punch press, & other; 15 & throughout; Period, CNC turret punch press to get fast healthy development, 4 axis and 5 axis of hydraulic pressure drive control of the third generation of products as the main body of CNC turret punch press, auxiliary functions more perfect; Since then, the network technology and the application of servo motor direct drive technology, marks the emergence of the fourth generation product, but it is not the mainstream products. As a major domestic products of the third generation of CNC turret punch press, widely adopted foreign famous company of nc system and servo unit, and special hydraulic system of high performance servo hydraulic drive; Stamping stability and the number of step blunt greatly improved, and when the interval is 0. Step 5 mm, impact frequency can reach more than 600 ~ 1000 times/min. Using intelligent clamp mechanism, maximum limit reduces the blanking die area, basic no dead zone; Workbench general improvement in speed and axial velocity of 80 m/min, synthetic velocity more than 120 m min. Use brush type workbench, in ensuring effective support on sheet metal at the same time, can protect sheet metal surface in the fast moving without scratches; Automatic indexing location 2 ~ 4 optional, large diameter and will die a set in this; Widespread adoption of the open CNC system, user friendly interface, strong scalability, and equipped with high efficient automatic programming software.
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