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C type precision punch picture superiority

by:Ragos     2021-06-03
Pictures of high speed punch to rice dense medium plate cutting processing has great superiority. However, its condition is to have the right information. If data in spite of high hardness, and still not tear; To mould wear and tear is small, such data is the best. As is known to all, can use 1 - fine press brake machine pictures 2 stamping process that produce shear plane finish, dimensional accuracy and good mechanical parts, thus greatly shorten the processing working procedure, reduces the customer's operating costs together, such as human, time, etc. Is therefore a popular promotion. From the perspective of the development of fine press brake machine, the beginning is in order to get high precision machinery parts, namely can efficient production, electronic equipment, communications equipment and other fine small mechanical parts and throughout. But now because of fine blanking equipment becoming larger, the small parts processing, has also been used for cars and other large machinery parts processing. Because of the expansion of parts processing requirements of high hardness, low plasticity, high carbon steel and low alloy steel in medium plate also need to be able to undertake the fine blanking. Press images can provide C, gantry high-speed precision press brake machine, such as pictures, material, spare parts all use imported accessories, ensure the high quality of the products, durable. Years of production experience, has been for a more unobstructed road to punch images through their more excellent quality, punch press photo, let more customers use high-speed precision punch, zero fault, zero accidents. C CNC turret punch press

1, the characteristics of C type CNC turret press brake machine press system integrated domestic general programming software function, AutoCad graphic automatic conversion code; 2, USES the integrated LCD workstations control, separate control cabinet and bed fission design; 3, using imported reducer with imported servo drive, high precision, ensure the accuracy of the cylinder positioning; 4, using imported pneumatic friction clutch controller, safe double valve control, stable work, reliable performance; The tonnage insurance device, alarm protection; 5, configuration, automatic lubrication device and automatic oil return, timing quantitative automatic circulation lubrication; 6 C CNC turret punch press, using Japanese technology turn thin cone plate, long oriented, good to neutral, loading and unloading die change fast and convenient; 7, adopts imported brand electrical components, stable and reliable; 8, USES the high quality elastic brush mixed with universal ball workbench, reduce friction plate, pulling the material smoothly; 9, adopts full float pneumatic clamp, together with the sheet metal and floating, avoid sheet deformation; Convenient dovetailed slip plate moving clamp.
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