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Analysis of the current situation of punch industry in China is facing a dilemma

by:Ragos     2021-04-21
In recent years, China's press industry has obtained certain result, but we also should see the bottleneck problems in the development of our country. Technological innovation has been the domestic press industry's shortcomings. Compared with the press bed industry abroad, our country lags behind at the same level of press brake machine industry in the manufacturing process, in terms of technical level and speed there are serious shortage. If you want to strong corresponding measures must be taken to solve the problem. At present, the press enterprises are mostly lack of consciousness of independent innovation. Will not be able to do technical research. It restricts the development of the press. Is the key to solve this phenomenon, innovation, enterprise should strengthen technical support, in press industry development and innovation, the combination of clear future development goals, to guarantee the quality of products at the same time, accelerate the punching technology development. Because, in a state of the economy less developed in our country, the most short-sighted enterprise development strategy, technological innovation is particularly slow. Therefore, the relevant government departments should give support to promote the development of the press industry. Press as an important machining tools, the future of our country plays an important role in the development of new and high technology industries. Therefore, both the enterprise and the government shall do our best to promote the development of China's press industry.
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