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A preliminary understanding of punch machine, six new can

by:Ragos     2021-04-20
feeder is shipping information machine, it is both light industry vocational and heavy industry have no shortage of equipment. machine, high precision, and environmental protection, and time, also greatly reduces the labor intensity, the real do the low cost, high return. Below, high speed punch machine manufacturer for we reveal a secret, that's six big punch machine function. The six function 1, punch machine, press brake machine, selection of fine Japanese servo control system, the operation is simple and rapid, useful shorten the operation time to prepare, improving productivity. 2, punch machine, is the company a long time experience accumulation to develop and become, focuses on using load for a long time, long service life, high precision and simple repair. 3, punch machine, suitable for different material thickness, feeding interval long equilibrium pressure processing. 4, selection of press brake machine machine, man-machine interface operation, the feed length and speed and other parameters can be set arbitrary, feed length can be in 1. 0mm- 9999. Between 99 mm, with many engineering mold, many sections of feeding. 5, punch machine, according to use mechanical or pneumatic punch feature of relaxation. 6, punch machine, control box, and the body separation, avoid sensation, mobile convenience. Equipped with data detection function at the end. Above is the punch machine, six performance, trust us to punch machine, six major features began to understand, if want to know more punch and punch tape feeder and punch surrounding equipment, bending vendors would kiss counseling.
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