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A main direction for future development of China manufacturing

by:Ragos     2021-06-17
German industrial 4. 0 strategic goal is to set up based on the information and communication technology, intelligent manufacturing model, intelligent manufacturing technology and key intelligent equipment for the integration of smart/smart factory workshop, to meet the increasing personalized needs of customers, to create new business value, reshape the German manufacturing global competitive advantage. The journal of the American industrial Internet 'strategic target is based on the intelligent integration development of the physical world and digital world, leads to the transformation of the intelligent in the field of global industrial manufacturing, to reconstruct the global industrial value system, continue to lead the world industry economic development trend. 'Made in China 2025' puts forward intelligent manufacturing as the main direction for future development of China manufacturing, strive to use ten years to promote our country to be the world's manufacturing powerhouse strategic goals and implementation roadmap; To fully make fundamental changes in the way the traditional manufacturing industry development of our country, the two integration to a new level, and overall quality improved, markedly enhance its capability of innovation and competitive advantage continued ascension, to form a group with strong international competitiveness of multinational companies and industry cluster, and then into the world's manufacturing powerhouse ranks.
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