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A common classification and problems of CNC bending machine

by:Ragos     2021-02-19
1. Common types of bending machine bending machine, and its common types, is like the shearing machine, are all manual, hydraulic numerical control of the three. Among them, the manual bending machine, and mechanical and electric. In the hydraulic bending machine, there is a lift and the lift of the two. 2. Bending machine shows the composition of the slider parts: general is for hydraulic transmission, on the composition, contains the sliding block, the structure of the cylinder and the mechanical stop fine-tuning. And, on the value of mechanical stop, is by the numerical control system to control and adjust. Synchronization system: mainly for machinery synchronization system, the main advantage is simple structure and reliable performance. Its main part, is a torsional axis, swing arm and joint bearing, etc. The workbench part: its manipulation, is accomplished by the button box. Its mobile distance, it is controlled by CNC system, and in position before and after, to limit the travel switch device. Keep-off institutions: general is for the motor drive, its size, mainly by nc system to control. CNC bending machine, the folding plate, which is bent, and the R Angle, then, is mainly related to what? And, what are the specific reasons? CNC bending machine fold out middle plate is bent, and have the R Angle, then, is mainly related to the thickness. If, beyond the technical requirements of words, so, the professional term, is for straightness is not up to standard parts, is also a common problem. As for the main cause of this problem, is as follows: 1: bending machine, the knife and the knife, as a result of. 2: no deflection compensation, thus affect the straightness, in turn, lead to these problems. 3: folded under bending on the slider and workbench play table, the parallelism is not good
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