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What standards are followed during standard press brake production?

                                           The production of standard press brake not only confirms the industry standard, but also bases on the international standard for the exporting business and wide application. A strict standardized production process helps the safe operation and strict guarantee of the product. Compared with other manufacturers, Foshan Ragos NC Equipment co., LTD. has always been under the strict international standard to conduct the production of it. This ensures a smooth production process and efficient business operation from raw materials selection to product sales. Ragos Array image7
After years of steady development, Ragos has gained a high reputation in the field of CNC slotting machine. As one of Ragos' multiple product series, sheet metal production line series enjoy relatively high recognition in the market. Ragos bending plate machine is manufactured based on sound design/engineering principles. Careful consideration must be given to the surrounding climate, maintenance procedures, and control systems. The product has strong adaptability to machining items.  This kind of product with the features of abrasion resistance and strong impact resistance, which can effectively reduce the wear rate of the lens. The product meets the highest safety operation standards.
Ragos Array image7
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