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What companies are producing steel press brake?

                                           Many companies are involved in the production of the steel press brake. Foshan Ragos NC Equipment co., LTD. is just one of them. After years of evolution, we're now capable of large quantity production. Advanced technology and dependable raw materials are used in the creation. A complete service system has been built to strongly support the earnings. Ragos Array image8
Since established, Ragos has been committed to the creation, research and development, and revenue of press brake manufacturers. As one of Ragos' multiple product series, the new press brake series enjoys relatively high recognition in the market. Ragos CNC press brake machine is manufactured with high performance. It is required to pass the following tests: damping capacity, rigidity, thermal expansion coefficient, and dimensional stability. It contributes greatly to increasing the yield of merchandise, improving the profits of customers.  The filling materials will not penetrate through its high-quality fabric after a long time of use and many washing. After tempering, heat treating, and annealing, it has ensured stability for the long-term operation.
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We are committed to becoming a leader in the CNC slotting machine industry.

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