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Plate Bending Rolling Machine AG2000


Automatic Panel Bender


If you want to bend precision parts, fully automatically, at high speeds, in high quantity, regardless of batch-size, with the highest levels of flexibility and total repeatability, welcome to the next level of metal fabrication.

Folding with the RAGOS Multilateral bending-Center makes your dreams come true! The RAGOS Multibend-Center panel bender is available in working lengths of 1500mm, 2000mm 

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Although the manufacturing and accuracy of sheet metal equipment bending machines have been greatly improved than in the past, there is still a big gap between the "Road to Industry 4.0" and "Intelligent Manufacturing and Made in China 2025". "Personalized customization, service-oriented extension, and networked collaboration" also require joint innovation and development in the subdivision of sheet metal equipment manufacturing and the demand side. This innovative development, promotion and application is another increase and liberation of productivity.

The traditional bending of the sheet metal industry needs to solve the following problems: (1) Manufacturing problems: can not achieve multiple varieties, small batches, and fast switching; (2) The problem of low precision of parts: low precision of high-precision workpieces in the sheet metal industry. Unstable quality; (3) The problem of difficult employment for enterprises: the shortage of sheet metal bending operators and the high labor intensity of workers; (4) Comprehensive problems: personnel costs, safety hazards, process layout, management and operation.

The above problems can be solved by selecting a set of intelligent manipulator bending unit: including CNC bending machine, manipulator and guide rail, supporting feeding station, magnetic sheet separation device, centering positioning table, sheet turning mechanism, upper Material gripper, finished product stacking, offline programming software, parametric programming software and secondary development related bending software and extended services.

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Operation Mode

Bending Lengthmm2500
Plate Lengthmm2500
Plate Widthmm2500
Bending Heightmm175/200
Min Forming Size
     (Four sides)
Min Forming Size
     (Two sides)
Min Radiusmm1.2
Bending Speeds0.5
Opening Heightmm200/ 400
Angle/  0-360°
Material Thicknessmmaluminum:2.0 carbon steel :1.5 stainless steel:1.2
Numerical System/Japan NADIC
Operating SystemOSWin7+OS
Machine DimensionLengthmm3100
Machine Weightkg9000

Part NameCountryManufacturerRemarks

Mold clampingChinaRagos
Control systemJapanDeveloped with NADIC co., LTD
Servo motorJapanSANYO

Guide railTaiwanHIWIN
Ball screwTaiwanTBI
Miniature relayFranceSchneider

Ac contactorFranceSchneider
Electrical componentsFranceSchneider
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