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Electro-Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Machine


Main technical parameters of Electro-Hydraulic CNC Press Brake


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Ragos Support customization of non-standard equipment:like press brake machine, CNC bending machine, metal bending machine. precision  the world Style press brake tooling, Special configuration profiles are available in a variety of fitting styles and quality grades to suit virtually any forming need.

To be the world's most reliable sheet metal forming equipment manufacturers!The main products are press brake machine,cnc bending machine,metal bending machine.

RAGOS produces the widest variety of hydraulic press brakes available today. From our HG 5 axis cnc hydraulic press brake series we offer more than 20 models and ranges from a small press brake that start at 0.6 foot in length to large press brakes up to 16 foot in bending length and more than 10 different tonnages ranging from 35 to 200 tons. Our premium more advanced ADS series is available with up to 14 CNC axis,  Our HG series machines are top end precision and powerful metal benders offered in 13 different tonnages with capacities  In addition to these two popular press brake series, we also offer the MG series for the customer that needs a no frill press brake. On the other side of the coin is the sophisticated AD Servo brakes that have a hybrid hydraulic configuration and ball screws for energy efficiency and quiet operation. Lastly, RAGOS brings to market the HG series which equates to the “flexible bending solutions” press brakes. Our brakes are typically high tonnage press brakes made to order to customer exact specifications with the option of running tandem or even trio press brakes, and material automation and handling options of every description.

4+1 axis positioning
6+1 axis positioning
6-1 axis positioning

6Hydraulic valve
Hydraulic system 1
Hydraulic system 2
Oil pump + main motor

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CNC Controller

Parts nameParameterUnit
Nominal pressure2000KN
Workbench length4000mm
Distance between columns3500mm
Slider stroke250mm
Open height550mm
Throat depth400mm
Axis number of NCY1、Y2、X、R、Vaxes
Main motor power18.5kw
Speed of slideFast down150mm/s
Back gauge X axisStroke600mm
Max. speed350mm/s
Re-position accuracy≤0.05mm
Back gauge R axisStroke200mm
Max. speed200mm/s
Re-position accuracy≤0.05mm
Machine DimensionsLength4600mm
Machine weight14500Kg

1NC systemItalyESA S630 (optional)
HollandDELEM DA-53 series (optional)
SwitzerlandCYBELEC Cyb Touch12 PS (optional)
2Servo motorJapanYaskawa
3Sealed linear encoderGermanELGO
4Hydraulic systemGermanREXROTH/HEROBIGER
5Oil pumpGermanVIOTH
6Ball screwTaiwanHIWIN/PMI
7Straight guide railTaiwanTaiwan HIWIN/ PMI
8SealUSA / JapanUSA/Japan NOK
9Air switchFranceSchneider
10Miniature relayFranceSchneider
11Ac contactorFranceSchneider
13Electrical componentsFranceSchneider
14Socket jointGermanGerman original




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